Lesson #1: A Strong work ethic

Lesson #1: A Strong work ethic


As you all might know already, I am Mzwanele and I have been working at Mind Trix Media for over 4 years. I can most certainly say that I  have picked up a few things along the way. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is that I needed to develop A STRONG WORK ETHIC. It is pretty simple in order to survive in any industry and the industry I am in, in particular, you need to have a sense of drive as employers seek it, performance depends on it, satisfaction is obtained from it, and career progression needs it.

No matter what profession you find yourself in, when you are skilled at what you do and people recognise it, there is a deep sense of satisfaction that wells up within you every time you achieve or complete a project. It might not be much to an average person but its the result of knowing you have something valuable to offer and seeing your job through whether it is emptying the trash or closing a deal as an important part of the bigger picture, Individuals with a strong work ethic get satisfaction from their work because they are fully engaged in what they are doing every day. That amongst other things is what contributes to the growth of the movement that is Mind Trix Media.


We are a company in an industry that requires talent with the skills and motivation to consistently produce outstanding work. The caliber of the workforce we have has everything to do with our performance. So, my take is that if you are an individual with a strong work ethic, and you have a goal, you have the qualities that will keep you in demand by top companies throughout your career meaning that the company you work for will value you more.

If anything, working for a small company like Mind Trix has taught me all this, because we work twice as hard and we have to produce quality work all the time. Our work ethic has no choice but to be that of a thousand men. And we are just 7 guys and a girl.

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