Visions evolve. Business evolves. People evolve

It occurred to me that we were some what floating or dwindling in mid air after all the little success we had been picking up along the way. The consistent public relations, awards, international recognition, wider network and wider reach interms of influence. We reached our goals and acquired tremendous milestones with a small company and we became a small reputable giant.

Within no time I was personally picking up my moral was down, I was not really into the day to day lifestyle we had at Mind Trix Media. Jamey seemed on and off, Mzwanele needed a continual push and occasionally did some amazing things out of his own will at times. Yet something was missing. Due to the fact that the company vision was established upon inception, we had outgrown the vision and goals set at inception. We needed a new goal, new dream, set new boundries.

We acquired the dream and goals and now we needed a new dream and a new idea to chase because we had reached what we had been chasing hence we were floating and dwindling in mid air. As humans we are accustomed to chasing ideas / dreams and when the vision perish we as a human race perish for our days become nothing more than another day lacking a spark, that Vava VOOM.

People evolve. Businesses evolve. Dreams evolve, and right now its time. Evolution is at our door step and we need to evolve or DIE.

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