Setting Up Emails Using Outlook 2011

IF YOU ARE USING OUTLOOK 2011 Click on Tools in the top menu bar Click on Accounts ON THIS PAGE (Accounts) CLICK ON THE + SIGN BOTTOM LEFT HAND SIDE AND SELECT ‘EMAIL’   ONCE YOU GET HERE Type your email address Type your password After typing your email and password, more options will open…

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If You Cant Beat Them….Join Them!

Talk about CREATIVE DESIGN AGENCY’S admin duties. You would bet Admin is like any other Admin until you work with the Web&Graphic Designers.  I tell you, these guys come from a world of their own, which is Creative Design of Language too. They have their own Lingo i tell you… At first it felt like…

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To be, or not to be, is NOT the question.

In a rapid growing industry, as a designer, you can possibly have a bunch of titles which will narrow down to ‘graphic designer’. This is due to a lack in knowing whats really out there in the creatively pixelated HD world. For example, a designer from Singapore titles himself as a communications specialist, which can…

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You got served

Imagine moving into a new home, fitted into a nice complex, where all the houses look the same, only change would be the contents inside of each home. The same concept is applied when looking at web hosting service providers. There are plenty of them around the world, offering the same core service, yet each…

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Team Management

You think being a leader means sitting back and have others do it… Well think again my friend! The past week has been a great experience for me. The tasks set out to be completed were completed as scheduled, and all the clients were happy. That is the reward you get when things are done right. And…

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Times will get tough more than often, if you wanted to know. But the highlight of all this is that it exposes you to so much that you would probably never experience in an well established agency. So what experiences are these I am referring to you may wonder? Well its very energetic and exciting,…

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