Mzwanele Fani

Working on a graphic design project

Step 1: Research When given a brief the client will tell you what they want the artwork to look like and what they want it to communicate. This is where you start your research you look for shapes, colours and fonts that will work well with what the client wants. Make sure you know the…

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The world outside the box

  When I grew up my father loved drawing, when he came back from work we use to gather around him while he is doing his thing and this rubbed of my two older brothers and sister, so when I was growing up I was surrounded by all this creativity in the house. I think this…

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The Power of Graphic Design

Did you know graphic designers have a lot to do with why you buy the stuff you buy or use the products you use? For example which chocolate would you buy from the below picture? This is why before I work on a project I ask : 1 – How old is the client? 2…

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If you want to eat like a lion, hunt with lions

Ok so you hate your job, you don’t like your boss and you hate your colleagues. There are people who think like this every day when they go to work, because they not looking forward to the day ahead. This results in the company not producing quality work, and production becomes slow, because some team…

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