Chronicles of Mind Trix Media


Visions evolve. Business evolves. People evolve It occurred to me that we were some what floating or dwindling in mid air after all the little success we had been picking up along the way. The consistent public relations, awards, international recognition, wider network and wider reach interms of influence. We reached our goals and acquired…

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Visual communication

Our minds are more receptive to visual communication, comparatively to any other forms such as verbal and written communication. Imagery is a powerful tool to relay messages and deconstruct complex concepts. Understanding the significance of visual communication, as creatives, artists and designers, is pivotal to our craft. This gives us the ability to accurately communicate the…

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Bheki Kunene / Mind Trix Media on the Forbes Africa cover & 30 under 30 list

This prestigious award came at a ripe time – as some of you may have heard through the grapevine – we were recently featured in this month’s issue of Forbes Africa      The article features Mind Trix Media’s founder and CEO, Bheki Kunene, who has been earmarked by reputable industry pundits as a rising…

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Mind Trix Media profiled in Forbes

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine Mind Trix Media would have grown into a creative design agency that would be approached by international brands such as “Forbes” for write ups and articles. I remember sitting on a bench at Concept Interactive after Elethea and Anne Centner had approved I start a formal…

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What we do besides working hard.

Working at Mind Trix Media is really about keeping the clients happy with excellent client service and high quality work standards. We constantly innovating ways of doing things better, faster smoother and its a never ending process. How we did it last year is not how we do it today or tomorrow. Technology evolves and…

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