How To Avoid Sick Leave

Now that we have reached the time of year when the flu performs at its peak, taking sick leave can consume between 1-5 days, but what if that can be avoided?

The recipe is quite simple, just follow the steps to ensure you perform at your peak.


  1. Read your religious book of choice (The Holy Bible, Quran, Torah, etc)
  2. Mirror
  3. 1 happy song
  4. 5 minutes
  5. Camera
  6. Notebook (paper version)
  7. laugh

If you have the above prepared we can start:

1. Bible

– Read one scripture of choice to feed the soul and positively stimulate your thoughts.
– Once done, say a short prayer for blessings and strength.

2. Mirror

– Take a look and encourage yourself with a few words of motivation and remind yourself of how awesome you are and appreciate what you have.

3. Happy song

– This would be the song you put on repeat, turn up when its playing, and gets your hands in the air like you just don’t care.
– Dance for the entire length of the song so you can warm-up your muscles, activate your senses and have fun!

4. 5 Minutes

– Take 5 minutes of your day and speak to a person close to you, find out how they are doing, how their day is going and tell them that you love them.

5. Camera

– Take a selfie.

6. Notebook

– Write down what you would like to achieve at the end of your day, whether it be reminding yourself to eat.

7. Laugh

– Crack a joke with your colleagues and have a good laugh.

Your anti-virus has been activated, so go on and have the best day ever!

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