If You Cant Beat Them….Join Them!

If You Cant Beat Them….Join Them!

Talk about CREATIVE DESIGN AGENCY’S admin duties.

You would bet Admin is like any other Admin until you work with the Web&Graphic Designers.  I tell you, these guys come from a world of their own, which is Creative Design of Language too. They have their own Lingo i tell you…

At first it felt like I had to take English classes, as they would ask me to assist with tasks and in the midst of their sentence I would only understand 2words and the rest would be what i call “Designers Lingo.” Through it all i began to learn this Lingo slowly but surely. I am now using design terminology such as BLEED – which simply just means a document somewhat larger than the final document to be sent to print, this is for safety cutting.

[quote]Couldn’t they just say ‘Document-Print’ so that its understood by all? LOL[/quote]

I’m now using Crop Marks, Resolution…etc… Even with paper its a big deal to these guys, I now talk about gloss paper, paper sizes and all, i tell YOU this has not been easy but worth it to fit in with my colleagues.  I am happy to say my work is a learning curve especially for someone like me who had no Web nor Graphic Design background. Thanks to these Guys.

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