If you want to eat like a lion, hunt with lions

If you want to eat like a lion, hunt with lions

Ok so you hate your job, you don’t like your boss and you hate your colleagues.

There are people who think like this every day when they go to work, because they not looking forward to the day ahead.
This results in the company not producing quality work, and production becomes slow, because some team players just want to get done and go home.

It starts with how employers choose people to join the team. Some would look at how skillful and experienced the person is, but a few look at how the person would fit with the team he or she currently have.

I believe a team should be formed out of people who compliment each other and bring a different element to the group that will make production faster and produce quality work. They should be able to have a normal conversation outside of work, as this helps with the team understanding each other, resulting in a very happy working environment for every one.

This has been the case here at Mind Trix Media, hence you will always find happy people in the office and good teamwork, because everyone is a good team player, including the founder of the company.

Every one knows the other persons weakness and strength, and who enjoys doing what, so when we delegate work we know who will do it perfectly.

This is why clients are always happy. So here at Mind Trix Media we believe in team work, the team should be like family, we should have each others back all the time so we can all succeed in what we doing.

In essence, there are several people that are not enjoying working at large corporations and end up leaving their jobs for less paying jobs, here at Mind Trix Media we make sure every one is enjoying what they do and they never feel like they are just here to work, this results in a fast production in the company. My opinion is that entrepreneurs and professionals should be good team players and work with people that will compliment you in every way. How you find that I don’t know “ta nqwela”

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