Love your job

Some people choose a job that pays well not the one they love and they feel miserable through out their careers and they never grow in their fields because they just work to get their salary at the end of the month. I currently work as a graphic and web designer at Mind Trix Media and I always knew that I would work in the creative world because I always had the passion to create unique innovative work and problem solving since I was a kid.

First look for the tasks you enjoy at work and those you don’t like and try to find ways of making the ones you don’t like enjoyable.

Always know that the work you do plays a big role in the growth of the company. When the company grows, you grow as well. Guess what? If the company makes more money you get a raise because of the value you added and doing more than is expected of you. Always find ways to improve your skills and find new ways to stay valued by the company.

Always be a good team member and be friendly to everyone in the office and always be willing to help because that will build you and your team.

This has made me grow a lot in a short space of time while working with the guys here at Mind Trix Media if you look at my work from when I started to now you will see the difference. This is to show how much I have improved by following all the above steps and I work with great people here at Mind Trix Media that helped me a lot through out so I would recommend this method to any one because it is working for me evidently and I love my job.

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