Mandela Day at Ubuntu Pensioners

Mandela Day at Ubuntu Pensioners

Mind Trix Cares in collaboration with Ubuntu Pensioners and Chomie

My first week at Mind Trix Media was exciting, but soon I realised it was not going be easy for me. I was having my introduction about the company and I asked the founder of Mind Trix Media if he has been involved with any charity work and he said “well you know what, Mind Trix Media will be working with Ubuntu Pensioners on 18 July 2014 also now known as ‘Mandela Day’ and this will be your first project” I was informed that Mind Trix Media would have to buy groceries for ‘Chomie’ and I thought to myself, wow first week of work and I already have a project. #excited face.

This project was to commemorate Mandela Day by contributing to 67 minutes of our time by helping the elderly. Ubuntu Pensioners is an organisation that provides services for the elderly. You can visit their website if you would like to assist them.

Chomie is an elderly who always greets staff at Mind Trix Media, which led the founder of Mind Trix Media to buy groceries for Chomie as well. And in my mind I thought ‘Wow that is really great and kind of him’.

I was nervous, but I was also excited that I would be a part of such an amazing company that contributes to other charity organisations and that it was up to me to run and organise it as well.

But not to worry, I had done other projects while I was studying so it would not be that hectic. First I had to compile a list of groceries, then I had to contact Ubuntu Pensioners and confirm if what I had was what she needed. They then reduced some of the items on my list.

We went to Shoprite, Spar and Goal stores with the team to buy groceries. Mzwanele designed our Mind Trix Media t-shirts to show our support for the day.

Finally the day came and we dropped off the groceries. Later that day, Mind Trix Media team went to assist with serving food, drinks and packing up party packs together with our PR team. We also had to deliver food parcels to the elderly who were unable to attend the function, including Chomie.

Moral of the story: seeing the happy faces of the elderly made us realise that we have so much to be grateful for, and what we did for the elderly was more than enough for them.

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