Mind Trix Media in Guguletu.

Mind Trix Media in Guguletu.


Yes, You read right, Mind Trix Media is a creative design agency based in the location of Guguletu, in the city of Cape Town. Most people ask us why Guguletu? Well, personally I feel where we are located works best for us as opposed to the Central Business District, something just looks heavy and scary about Cape Town CBD (concrete jungle), even though it’s the perfect place for any business, there is money to be made because its always busy. We were well aware of what we were leaving behind when we relocated from Loop Street to Guguletu.

We needed a calmer environment to get in touch with our drive, and for focus, and also being a raw diamond from the location for us makes our brand stand out in a way as people would not normally associate a location with a well-established creative design agency. So Mind Trix Media is like a “Hey wake up, there is more to a location than the word “location”.” We are bright, we are young, and we have so much to offer so why leave the hood, when you can push the passion from inside.

I know the team very well, I think I know them more than they know their working selves because I am constantly in their work. It’s the lovely downside of being an Administration Executive, I have to know what the other people are doing. Which is why with so much confidence I can say at Mind Trix Media our team is one of a kind, we are dedicated bunch that just takes ideas and turns them into work worth looking at, we make people take note. We go from coming up with a logo from scratch to showing you how that logo will look on different platforms, to building you a website and while doing all that we ensure that we cater to all your branding needs. Through all these processes we engage with our clients to check of we are still on the right path to addressing their needs. It is our service guarantee to you.

It’s exciting times at the agency, as our 204TUNE present to ourselves: We recently had our own website re-done, It is a true reflection of our mark. Its HTML5 responsive (for those of us that don’t even know what that means, it just means that the website can display properly on a handset without breaking), it’s the future of web development or so say the guys. Yes, we are in Guguletu and Yes we call do all that, and its just a drop in the ocean of what we are capable doing. To me each and every detail on the site strengthens our brand as it in-itself is motivation on why you should trust us with your business’s corporate identity.

As if the testimonials don’t speak for themselves. I am proud to tell people go visit our website not only because I am a show off, which in this instance I proudly am, but because I know that everything on our website represents us, the company and everything we do. Have a look, come back, tell me what you think, it will be highly appreciated.

Mind Trix Media – Our value is in our clients. Our pride is in our work.

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