Mind Trix Media profiled in Forbes

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine Mind Trix Media would have grown into a creative design agency that would be approached by international brands such as “Forbes” for write ups and articles. I remember sitting on a bench at Concept Interactive after Elethea and Anne Centner had approved I start a formal business as opposed to an internship at some random corporation. It feels like it was yesterday when this started, aged 19 full of excitement, energy, big dreams, virtually no money and no idea how to start nor run a company but I was passionate so I just did it anyway.

Years later when I got the call and email from Forbes I initially saw it as a prank from one of my associates. Surprisingly it was not, August 2014 Mind Trix Media was profiled in Forbes, one of the world’s most influential business magazines profiling major business leaders across the globe.

Forbes acknowledged Mind Trix Media’s story as more than just a graphic and web design agency. Forbes saw Mind Trix Media as an inspirational story, phenomenal brand and significant industry player. The response across the globe was phenomenal with new clients across the world emailing and sending great feedback and orders. Each day I look at how we as a team can organically grow the business model and ensuring we deliver on our promise and never forgetting to enjoy the journey and devotion to a dream and life long learning.

Being profiled in Forbes has certainly reminded me that as kids from the township we can dream big dreams and certainly acquire them if we work hard and believe. I will continue to build the empire and share the spoils with the great team mates that have helped build this empire.

Bheki Kunene / Mind Trix Media profiled in Forbes
Bheki Kunene / Mind Trix Media profiled in Forbes.
Bheki Kunene - Mind Trix Media profiled in Forbes 2
Bheki Kunene – Mind Trix Media profiled in Forbes 2

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