Our 2 days at the ABSA Smart Procurement Business Exhibition

Our 2 days at the ABSA Smart Procurement Business Exhibition


Mind Trix Media was invited to go exhibit at the ABSA Smart Procurement Business Exhibition, which took place on the 6th – 7th March 2014 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre . We were hosted by the Western Cape Government: Department of Economic Development and Tourism. It was our first time exhibiting on such a platform that is usually for big corporates as we are an emerging company.

The excitement and nerves for me started to kick in, because this meant that I was going to represent the company for the duration of this exhibition.

Preparation started, set up day came and I made sure that I was there on time to scope the place and get a feel of it, familiarising myself with the surroundings, looking out for which businesses were setting up next to our stand. I got to where our stand was allocated and noticed that the backdrop was blue… Yhooo! That in my head just kicked, how I had visualised our stand in my mind, out the window. I thought about Mzwanele and “Feng Shui Green” and this was not it.

New_photo 1


Bongisa (guy sitting next to moi, newest addition to the Mind Trix Team) thought of ways to eliminate the blue. He suggested we ask the builders to change the backdrop board around, as the other side was white. When it was done my mind went back to a state relaxation. I can work with white.

We were supplied with a table and two chairs. It was now up to Bongisa and I to make this stand say: “Mind Trix Media – Creative Design Agency.”

Then I was haunted by the phrase “first impressions last” so I had to find a way to change that stand and make it appealing, to me, first.

Operation Branding Began. The backdrop was now white, and our corporate colours are Green and White, so I quickly called Bheki to bring 2 green cushions from our office couch and the 2 green mats from his house. So the stand was going to be green and white – Branding not Rocket Science. The banner was already with us showcasing what we say we do. Our table was already set up with samples of work we’ve done, our flyers, our profiles and the business cards.  There it was – the Mind Trix Media stand all Feng Shui’d up, no one walked past that isle without throwing eye towards our stand.  We were now officially sold. #smileyface

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We sell branding almost everyday so we knew what we wanted our stand to say about us. This was our chance to verbally market ourselves and we went out there prepared with knowledge about our services.

People usually deal with us online and over the telephone and some get to visit our office, so more than anything it was important for this face-to-face encounter to compliment our attitude and the manner in which we handle our clients on a daily basis.

Mind Trix Media went out there and kicked some you know what. It was an experience of many to come. We are truly grateful to the Western Cape Government: Department of Economic Development and Tourism for the opportunity.

Moral of the story: In order to sell your brand, you must study your brand. Know what works well for your brand and go out there and be your brand.


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