Newlands Brewery

Newlands Brewery

Responsive website & Social Media marketing


The Client: Newlands Brewery

Newlands Brewery is among one of the oldest breweries in Cape Town. They are the brewers of very well known beer brands consumed by South Africans today. In October 1995, they were granted National Heritage status and stand, as monuments to a proud tradition dating back to 1820, like stories told in stone.

The Brief:

Because of its origins and history, the client wished to retain the historic and vintage look and experience on the website.

The website 

On our first visit to the website, we were shocked that the site was outdated and not responsive! Our team of online experts presented the Newlands Brewery with a future proof solution, by prototyping an entire new fully responsive website with a cleaner interface, better user interactivity and overall visual aesthetics.

We built the website on a fully customizable CMS platform, giving the clients full privilege to manage and update the website.

The social media strategy

Like the website, the brewery’s social media pages were dormant, with no activity and we saw an opportunity to get more activity and engagement by creating a range of campaigns, namely:

#DidYouKnow – a range of designs were executed to share info about the brewery in the form of fun facts about the brewery.

Boucher Legacy – As part of an existing SAB campaign, we kept the consistency of the brand with a touch of creative execution.

Strategy development on social media management & engagement – Proactive artwork design – Variety options on artwork direction

Quarterly brief and debriefing meetings. – Monthly sessions on reviewing campaigns and strategy – Concept development for upcoming months / seasons.

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