Team Management

Team Management

You think being a leader means sitting back and have others do it… Well think again my friend!

The past week has been a great experience for me. The tasks set out to be completed were completed as scheduled, and all the clients were happy. That is the reward you get when things are done right.

And for that exact reason, I would like to express again that;

[quote]The past week has been a great experience[/quote].

I was team leader for the week, which formed part of a bigger picture, but I won’t be going into detail on that. Instead, I would like to share with you beautiful people what it was like for me running the ‘OPS’ Team.

The Whiteboard Breakdown and Briefing

As team leader I was responsible for outputting all the tasks which was due, so I had the opportunity of delegating those to my awesome colleagues, and keep some for myself! Sounds very simple yes?, but in actual fact I had to manage and set up a timeline to determine when these tasks were to be completed, together with the unforeseen stuff coming in. This meant taking initiative and showing braveness (coz thats what leaders do) without the assistance of the CEO. With all that sorted I could then move on swiftly, knowing that the team is sorted, including myself.

Managing Operations

On your marks… Get set… FLOW! That is exactly how it went, after we had our morning caffeine and sunshine, we started on the deliverables. This part of the the week was extremely busy! I had to make sure that the work gets done according to the schedule, and at the same time managing my time for what I had on my plate. As I do that, the phone rings and I need to attend to client requests, meaning I had to adjust the schedule, then I get back to my work. Not long after, its time  to see how my teams doing, compile a short report and give feedback. This process took place four times a day, so I was no longer just a Web Developer doing my thing.

At the time, I took a moment to think back when I always told Bheki thats he’s no longer a designer, I found myself in the same situation where theres so much communication that needs to take place between myself and the client that I barely had time to pull off a design.

Delivering Excellence

This is the part where all the hard-work pays off. Having repeated the FLOW process on a daily basis, I reached the end of the week with the team on my side. Everything I had planned and set out was completed! The best feeling you would ever have in the workplace, knowing you got all the tasks done. Yet the last day was the WORST of all, I managed to pull through with a big smile and happy clients.

So you want to know how it all paid off? Well I managed  to successfully execute a full brand identity concept for local rap sensation ‘Driemanskap’ new album launch, with t-shirt design, website, mobi site, online store, and cd packaging!


I completely underestimated the pressures and blockers a CEO deals with on a daily basis, but thanks to the great experience I can now fully understand and appreciate what a CEO does for the company, but not just that… I can now manage the operations office on my own, and that by far is the biggest achievement I obtained from this exercise.

So, if you think being a leader means sitting back and have others do it… think again!

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