Terms of service

Payment Schedule:

50% of the quoted price will be due before the commencement of design and development. After the design and development has been checked off on, and after the completion of the service, the remaining 50% will be paid. This payment will complete the service transaction.


Mind Trix Media will prepare and deliver to the Client the service in accordance with the agreed upon pricing quote or package. Mind Trix Media will exercise skill and care in performing the service under the agreement and will keep the Client informed of progress in the development of the project.

Upon, but not before, delivery of the completed service and upon payment in full, all graphics designed specifically for the client become property of the client. Mind Trix Media is no longer liable for any design work after the final payment is made and signed off on. By making final payment the client is accepting the quality of the final product as a satisfactory product and as the service requested by Mind Trix Media. It is understood that the client is legally responsible for all project content (including, but not limited to, text and images) after final purchase is made unless otherwise noted within contract details.

If the Client requires support from Mind Trix Media in maintaining and updating the service rendered, be that website development, graphic design or any other service, additional fees will be payable if these are not already covered by the prearranged fee agreement.

Client Responsibility:

If the Client requests any change to the project brief or the website or requests any additional services, Mind Trix Media reserves the right to charge additional fees and until these are agreed on no changes will ne implemented. Mind Trix Media reserves the right not to agree to any changes requested by the Client, in which case they will give reasons.

The Client will provide Mind Trix Media with the content and all other data, documents, and information necessary to complete the service in a timely manner. It will be the duty of the Client to respond promptly (within 48 hours) to all requests for comment or approval as the service is being delivered. The Client is also responsible for the accuracy and completeness of all content and other information provided to be included in the service rendered. The Client is responsible for ensuring that no content infringes any third party rights or any applicable laws or regulations and that it is not offensive or obscene or otherwise unacceptable.

Design or Service Changes:

The client acknowledges that changes may impact delivery dates and/ quoted cost. Mind Trix Media shall have up to three business days to respond to a change request. This response shall include any timeline and/or cost changes to be incurred of the requested change.