The Chronicles of Mind Trix Media (The untold stories)

The Chronicles of Mind Trix Media (The untold stories)

What seemed a great opportunity for my friends and I to start a business and have fun, instead of doing the normal 3 – 6 months internship has grown far beyond expected and continues to rise as a force to be reckoned with daily. This is only what I could dream of as a young entrepreneur from Guguletu.

It all started with Matseliso “Matsi” Kolobe, Garth “G.W” Wareley and myself. From the very on set I knew I was great with strategy and bringing ideas to life, however I also knew I needed someone to sell the idea and someone else to finance this idea if it where to be what we dreamed of acquiring. Matsi was roped in to finance the idea as her family seemed like they had a lot of money from where we were sitting with G.W. Garth’s personality was perfect for sales, he got along with anyone he came across and had a wide network of people in various positions in business and life to build this empire. Me? Well let’s just say I am a very silent mastermind behind great ideas and I prefer not being seen for some reason, I dream, strategize and execute silently.

Bheki KuneneDung Design as we had agreed was the empire name. We were destined for greatness and I felt it from the onset. We spent nights working and planning in Matsi’s apartment in Town but sadly enough, 3 days later Matsi and Garth found jobs (for their internship which seemed more exciting than building an empire from scratch). This meant I was left with R600, 1 Computer and my 1 account I had landed – AAA Shuttles.

I had worked too hard to give up now. I didn’t care about anything but being successful in business. Dung design / Mind Trix Media as I had envisioned was going to become a force to be reckoned with. I worked day and night to impress my peers and lecturers. 2 weeks later I was arrested for murder (which I knew nothing about off-course). I was tortured daily for 5 days being asked about this murder and the whereabouts of the pistol I had used to commit it. Sadly the more I cried, screaming I knew nothing, was the angrier the brutal policeman tortured me claiming that all criminals cried and claimed that they knew nothing until they were tortured into confession. Ironically in my case what I was telling them was the truth.

Day in, day out I was tortured in police custody. All I thought of was Ismail Louw whom had paid me 50% deposit to build his website which was now due. Mind Trix Media was doomed before it even began, I thought. Every time the cell gates were opened I knew it was another 2 hours of torture. My mind had adhered to the torture by now. I would take it in, silently hanging in there for a better day. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 120 hours in a tiny cell seemed like a lifetime. Thursday came and the cell gate opened in the Guguletu police station. In tears and despair I screamed ” don’t you guys think I would have told you where this gun is by now if I knew? I am innocent!!! I cried “. The police man named Mukhuliwe seemed emotional on this morning and replied I am sorry Bheki Kunene, I now know you are innocent. ” we have captured the culprit”. You are free to go home. I couldn’t believe it and was anticipating a few punches on the rib / belly area as usual. Maybe their favorite torture into confession method. Cuffing my hands behind my back, forcing me to kneel down, stand on the cuffs which pulled and squeezed tightly on my wrists, carrying an adults entire body weight whom looked in his 40 – 50’s.

The pain, agony, sadness, defeat and turmoil was just unbearable. I could not understand how this could have happened. All I ever wanted was to become the greatest the world had ever seen. How could this be, was all I could think of. For days I sat crying, never understanding what had happened nor how such a mistake could ever happen to anyone…

Internally I gave up. This was the end of my journey. The beginning and the end of my dream – Mind Trix Media. Despite this depressing setback, I deep down had hope of a better day.

To be continued…

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