The lights are on, but nobody’s home.

The lights are on, but nobody’s home.

This expression might have a negative meaning to humankind, but in the online world there’s a pretty positive meaning to it.

Your website never sleeps, as it is active on the internet for as long as you keep it that way, and we here at Mind Trix Media ensure that when the lights are on, your home is comfortable and a pleasure to visit.

As the online world is changing at a more rapid pace than global warming, we ensure that our clients are not left in the dark. To bring clarity to the statement, let’s use mobi sites as an example. A few years back, to be able to have a mobile website you were forced to build one, but at present all that can be controlled via CSS. Sounds easy don’t it? Well that’s because it is… to us of course.

Another great implementation to the web is one-page websites with a cool parallax scrolling effect, which was quite difficult and impossible to achieve, but now it’s as easy as copy and paste, with prior knowledge of jQuery.

The above examples do not only make your home a pleasurable experience, but it would actually invite more visitors. So lets have a look at how you would make everyone feel welcome at your home…

Keeping up with what’s trending (Part 1 of 4)


Responsive design is about building a website with a grid-based layout, images that resize and media queries that would display your website perfectly on a mobile device (no zooming to view content & navigation). Soon after the technique was defined, responsive design frameworks began to emerge that incorporated these principles.

How does this work?

There are two ways of doing this, there’s the easy way which requires you to download a framework and tweak it accordingly, or you can be the tailor of the town and do it all by yourself. Lets have a look at the positives and negatives of each:


Download the framework

icons_01 Responsive design frameworks have already been tested on a specific set of browsers and devices, which reduces the work required to launch a website.

icon_03When the next minor version of a framework is released, you’ll need to redownload the customized package.

Tailor of the town (DIY)

icons_01 You are rest assured that you need not download an updated version of the framework. You can take pride into saying: “I done this!”

icon_03 Testing across all browser will be a long time consuming process. Debugging can sometimes take as long as developing the website itself.

Why is it trending?

As the world has revolutionized we find ourselves staring at life through the screen of our mobile device, because we are constantly finding ourselves on the move, standing in a queue at the bank or anywhere else except behind a desktop computer. That’s the time you jump on your phone and surf whatever waves the internet is making, or it might be that a potential client want to check out your website for your services. Therefore you need to have a website that is ready for them to view without any hassle or difficulty. People want power in the palm of their hand, and we at MindTrix Media is here to give it to you.

Stay connected for part 2 where we will be discussing how the design aspect of the web has changed as a result of trendsetters, and how you can be a trendsetter too.

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