The world outside the box

The world outside the box


When I grew up my father loved drawing, when he came back from work we use to gather around him while he is doing his thing and this rubbed of my two older brothers and sister, so when I was growing up I was surrounded by all this creativity in the house.

I think this is why my right side of my brain developed more because when I was a boy I viewed things differently than other kids, with books the images and colour amazed me while other kids just read the words.

And than I studied Graphic design, now I walk around with my friends and they don’t understand when I just stop to take a picture of a logo or colour, I even buy something because the branding looks nice, this is how much we love what we do. Creative people never have a job we always do what we love and we leave it everyday.

When I’m with my Mind Trix colleagues outside the office we always talk about work even though its not working hours we come up with ideas and see potential clients in a bar or just driving around this is how much we enjoy what we doing.

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