To be, or not to be, is NOT the question.

To be, or not to be, is NOT the question.

In a rapid growing industry, as a designer, you can possibly have a bunch of titles which will narrow down to ‘graphic designer’.

This is due to a lack in knowing whats really out there in the creatively pixelated HD world. For example, a designer from Singapore titles himself as a communications specialist, which can be quite ambitious if you ask me. Yet, over in England, Paul claims to be a branding strategist. So you see what I’m getting at?

You are what you eat DO!


Over at Mind Trix Head Office, there are no such fancy names. We get straight to the point. If you a designer, well thats exactly your title! nothing about pixel pusher of vector bender. If you do web design or development, you are the web guy, not spider-man or silver surfer. We pride who we are, therefore we do all things related to design or web.

AS Young, Dynamic, Mentally Challenging and more open to ideas than the US Open, we do lack one thing… And that is slack! Like a valued client would say:

[quote]“You want it, We get it”[/quote]


But enough of the sugar coating, where were we… Oh yes, absurd titles! Lets not limit ourselves to just being a dot in the designer pot, be the masala and spice that colour the rice.

Bring life to design with added flavour where needed. No preservatives.

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