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Our minds are more receptive to visual communication, comparatively to any other forms such as verbal and written communication. Imagery is a powerful tool to relay messages and deconstruct complex concepts.

Understanding the significance of visual communication, as creatives, artists and designers, is pivotal to our craft. This gives us the ability to accurately communicate the messages and ideas our clients want to convey.

On a daily basis, working at Mind Trix Media, I have been inspired by my team members’ abilities to embody the ethos of the brands we work with. From the briefs, concepts, up until execution, our team members exhibit a skillful ability to role out each brands’ vision and strategy seamlessly. Illustrating their articulation in visually communicating through design.

The other day, while I was walking down the road, I saw a visually appealing piece of street artwork. Upon engaging with it, I realised that it could be interpreted in a variety of ways. I thought to myself, “what message do you see?”

Upon further reflection the image, well in my perspective, depicted “humanity on a rat race”. Perhaps those engaged in the “rat race” perceive themselves to be moving forward and progressing. However, on closer inspection it is just a façade, they remain stagnant walking on a hamster’s wheel.

Where I am from, I constantly hear the parents in my community and my peers complaining about not having any money even before the middle of a month, although they are gainfully employed. They have no savings, no investments, no resources, and yet they keep on trailing along the hamster’s wheel. I call this the “black race”.

This artwork spoke volumes to me. I think we are governed by invisible hands, that deliberately created this “rat race”, keeping people in a form of servitude, which I strongly perceive as the “black race”.

It’s a sad existence based on ignorance. People aspire to become like the so-called success stories living the “black race” (known as the “rat race”). But it’s not all they think it’s cut out to be, especially if you have nothing to show for it.

Being trapped in an endless cycle of stagnation is an existence no one should be condemned to. As an organisation we recently addressed this systemic issue within our own team, training our team members on various ways of escaping this debilitating psychological trap.

I hope that when my work here is done, I will have changed lives by imparting the “pay yourself first” principal.

These are my reflections, what’s your opinion folks?

2 thoughts on “Visual communication

  1. You hit the nail right on the head Bheki it is what it is…a rat race. Sikhuliswe njalo nyani kuthwa sifunde siphangele and there was no other way in this life. We now know different but I too am one who is trapped in the rat race but vow to make it different. Great work though bhuti keep changing lives that is much needed in our communities. We need to start building each other singabikho reliant kakhulu on other’s for our bread, skills and socialization we black people have it all but don’t believe much in ourselves we always need an approval stamp.

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