What we do besides working hard.

Working at Mind Trix Media is really about keeping the clients happy with excellent client service and high quality work standards. We constantly innovating ways of doing things better, faster smoother and its a never ending process. How we did it last year is not how we do it today or tomorrow. Technology evolves and so do we, we a group of young innovative kids diligently developing a strong business model while having fun along the way. Did I say “Most, importantly we try and have fun while simultaneously getting our work done?” I guess I did.

Having fun, is part of our brand, the culture at Mind Trix Media. We believe in a tight family unit hence we treat each other more than just colleagues but with great respect, love, brotherhood and sisterhood. Its really who we are. I love working with the people I work with because they are my family beyond family. I wake up each day with a smile on my face not knowing what to expect but I can always be guaranteed a good laugh while getting my work done. There is never a dull moment and this is just an idea of what I am talking about.

I was working on my quarterly reports while the other guys were doing their tasks when out of the “Lime Green” Anele reads a xhosa book to us in the middle of a serious day.

Jamey Reads Xhosa brochures to the team for lunch… from Mind trix media on Vimeo.

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