February 10, 2014



Times will get tough more than often, if you wanted to know. But the highlight of all this is that it exposes you to so much that you would probably never experience in an well established agency.


So what experiences are these I am referring to you may wonder? Well its very energetic and exciting, because Mind Trix Media is a Design Agency run by a young entrepreneur. We have a vibrant and dynamic culture which grows with every day that pass. Everyday is not the same, but in terms of consistency, we pride ourselves as being consistent creative individuals who are able to deliver quality every time. Luckily the staff here is still young, vibrant and energetic, which in turn leads to us always meeting a deadline and having a client, whom we value.

However, with good times, there’s always the down times (no, not servers), which could range from a lot of things starting at miscommunication to moods, as we are people and not robots. But do you know what, it’s these down times that make us stronger in what we do, because the gap has been bridged. We are always up for a challenge greater than the previous and our eagerness of finding better innovative solutions sets us apart.


So in a nutshell, working at an emerging company is pleasant, with plenty fun-filled experiences and limitless creative boundaries!

– Jamey Cupido

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