Working on a graphic design project

Working on a graphic design project

Step 1: Research
When given a brief the client will tell you what they want the artwork to look like and what they want it to communicate.
This is where you start your research you look for shapes, colours and fonts that will work well with what the client wants.
Make sure you know the meaning of everything you want to use in the project to avoid offending the client or misleading people.
Look at trends and work that has been done by other people that is similar to what you’re doing to avoid doing something that will look like other artworks.

Step 2: Pencil and paper
Every project should start on paper not on Photoshop, this helps you get a clear picture of what you want to achieve in the end.
This is where you start doing your layouts and shapes; this is what you might call the blue print or skeleton of the design.

Step 3: Execution
Now you start using your software whether it is PS, AI or anything you are comfortable with.
This is where you have to chose your colours and align things perfectly and than when you fill like you are done give it to a person that is not a graphic designer to look at it and give feedback.


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