There comes a time where entrepreneurs need to fire clients

Entrepreneurs are some of the least respected people I know yet probably some of the hardest working people in all careers. From the day you tell people you would like to start your own business 8 out of 10 people tell you its not viable. Entrepreneurs get rejected by bankers, investors, corporations and get laughed at in the face by people with stable jobs while working hard just to start or grow a business. Its really hard work. 2 out of every 3 companies fail within the first 2 years in South Africa and that a shocking fact. Entrepreneurs show up early, work late, week days and weekends for the first several years of setting up a business and take up so much risk. Now if entrepreneurship is so hard in its own capacity, do we really need clients that treat us like a door stop mat? I really don’t think so, I really am sorry.

[quote]As entrepreneurs we cant change our clients moods, behaviours, personal life drama’s, what they think of us or our businesses and the way they treat us but we can certainly change ourselves.[/quote]

I am all ok with clients with high demands, unrealistic deadlines, demand quality, need competitive prices and consistency in turnaround time, value added service and some other usual stuff. However below is a list I choose not to tolerate nor entertain.

Clients with any of these dark clouds over their heads can and will be fired.

  1. Never ever wants to pay. Always asking for free stuff.
  2. I will pay you when my company grows. For now please render your R25000 service for this R2.50. Share in my vision its got great potential.
  3. Very happy with the quote, very happy with the work done, seriously unhappy with the invoice.
  4. Pays 50c and expects you to work for them the whole year.
  5. Sweetest person until they pay money into your bank account. Then Hurricane Katrina starts. They swear at staff, demanding a 2 month project be done for them in 5 minutes because they a paying client, questions why they must be patient and wait when I paid you 5 minutes ago.
  6. Time wasting clients, high maintenance and never want to pay on time.
  7. The client that wants you to leave the shower, get out of hospital, ditch your dads funeral, stop being ill, don’t wipe your ass nor flush that toilet just come do their work the minute they call as if you lurk around in life waiting for their call and instruction to jump. – YOU FIRED.

OK I am sorry about number 7 but I have had those clients and needed to get that off my chest but back to the “N2” These clients are really not worth having in business and I just refuse to entertain such clients going forward. I have done it 2 years ago and actually made more money and became a happier person. Don’t you think its time again?

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